About Lola Rosa - Meet The Maker

Lola Rosa is a woman owned business, with a focus on jewellery that doesn’t cost the earth – quite literally, and on you.  Because this is a place of empowerment, I believe there is a Lola Rosa piece for everyone which expresses your inner personality, gives your voice colour and the courage to be you.  It is both liberating and exhilarating to follow your own path, and not that of the masses.


I have a long history with art, and a long-standing love for unusual jewellery. I have been lucky to come from three generations of artist and inherited the gene.  I have been working in my mum’s studio as a teen and continued various art projects alongside my day job as a hobby.


Although Lola Rosa features as a new business, the founder – yours truly – is both a seasoned artist, and an experienced professional in all things “business”.


I believe your jewellery is an expression of who you are, and as these pieces are not mass produced, pretty much one of a kind – not to mention custom made pieces, anything you choose, will be uniquely you, whether a statement or a minimalist piece.

If you read my origin story, you already know my journey has been one of continuous transformation, so I am passionate about helping people in any way, big or small. 


It might be that I can re-connect you with your bolder, more courageous self, or it might be that I inspire you to start on your own journey of discovery, without having it all figured out.  Or maybe you find a piece of yourself in my story, and you start feeling ok with being different, unique and show it in the way you dress and wear your jewellery – let me, help you break away from the crowd.

Lola Rosa jewellery is superlight, easy to clean and hypoallergenic – perfect for those sensitive to non-precious metals - more on precious metals here.

My inspiration is life itself, and the journey, whether days or millennia.  Everything on this planet goes through a process of transformation, continuously evolving.  This is reflected in my work.  you can almost see the creative process, the transformation of the materials into shapes and colours. Everything is organic, yet refined...

We live in a world where most things are produced in mass, with less attention to detail and quality and high return rate.  At Lola Rosa, I want to make you part of a mindful, sustainable way of living - read more about my “no fault return scheme” here.

Did I mention???  I support Oceans Generations’ work by donating 5% of every sale.  Let’s save our planet and give back by joining my "plastic revolution” now.


If you want to see behind scene action and get "close and personal", please join me on my Social Media platforms from the icons below.  I would love to see you there...

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