Lola Rosa - Origin Story

"You will never amount to anything" was my secondary's teacher's favourite thing to say to me.  It stopped meaning something after a while since my own brother and sister called me "slow".  I could see it in my mother's saddened eyes, a deep question "could this be true?".  The question played on my mind too.  But how could that be?  Both my parents were teachers, my grandma too.  My grandpa was a general...????

The same teacher was praising me (every now and again) on my abilities especially in the geometry classes.  As a teen I was trying so hard to crack this code until in high school my life was positively impacted by my biology teacher.  And I mean in a big way.

I grew up in one of the poorest countries in Eastern Europe, raised by my mum with two other siblings and poorer than anyone else. Coming from a divided household was a big stigma and being poorer than others was another stigma.  So, you guessed it, I got the double whammy.  I'm not saying this to get sympathy, just and insight to where the journey really began. In honesty, I am grateful for it...

I was a gymnast from age 5-6, and I had dreams to go pro.  Worked hard for it, but after an accident, I had to change direction.


In high school I decided that I won't allow others to decide who or what I am, so I worked hard and became one of the 10% top performers (I mean who did they call slow? I think I picked up pretty quickly :)). 


I realised I wanted to become a neurosurgeon early in my high school years, so I studied materiall published for University students.  I won a scholarship and.... flop.  Couldn't go.  Romania was a corrupt country at the time and my mum was still poor.  My father was unwilling to help, and we couldn't afford the bribes.

I had to give up that dream too.  That hit me harder than I cared to admit at the time.  So much so, that I made several bad decisions.

Gymnast Hugging Knees

Fast forward a few years, I am now a single mother myself.  Had to leave everything I worked for, money, car and house, and left with a baby in my arms, three nappies, a baby grow and the clothes on my back.  On top of it I went into hiding for months on end, all to regain my freedom and ensure my child's freedom too.

Next phase... I started to rebuild. I trained to use PC programs which enabled me to get jobs in an office environment.  Now re-growth in a new environment.  With new skills came new opportunities, moved to a bigger city.  Then I met my husband and moved to UK.  Here, life had to start from 0, again, but with the lessons I have learned, skills I have acquired, and the determination and discipline I possessed from early childhood, I succeeded in having a new family, a successful career and a new business.

I have had to change direction a few times because life sometimes works like that, but every time, I have learned something, and I have transferred those lessons into my new endeavours.  But wherever I am heading, I am always staying true to who I am and to my passion.


They said I wouldn't amount to anything....  Well, here I am, against all odds.  Being different, breaking their their rules, not accepting their yoke...  

If you feel being different, standing out from the crowd is a bad thing...  Think again.  You are powerful.  Be colourful, be bright, be sparkly, or minimalist...  But be yourself.  Redefine the rules...   Push boundaries, I've got you...

Lola Rosa jewellery are pieces of self-expression, courage, freedom and exploration.  Of breaking away from the norm and speaking "own truth".  Some in a big way, making a statement, some in a more subtle minimalist way. It says:


"I am unbreakable, unwavering and on my own journey, we might be on the same path, but I do not follow you..."  


I use colours, textures and elements in various combinations to achieve unique designs and looks, and I prefer to have a "limitless" style to allow for that self-expression.

Break away from the crowd, and wear your colourful, beautiful, statement jewellery proudly.