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Multicolour Neons Polymer Clay Bell Stud Earrings
Neon Brights

Vibrant, bold colours and daring shapes, the earrings in this collections are not going to be ignored.

These are statement pieces and will definitely bring your personality out to life. 


Great for summer, parties, day outfits and most definitely for festivals

Limited number of pieces availabe

The colour combinations for the pieces in this collection remind us of natural wonders.

The deep blue oceans, the coral reefs and the wonderful pink sunsets.

The added gold dust make these polymer clay jewellery pieces truly one of a kind.

Ocean Green & Gold Polymer Clay Stud Earrings

Limited number of pieces availabe

Red Marble Monstera Leaf Hoop Earrings
Red & White

Demure and quietly ourspoken, these  simbolise joy, luck and hapiness.

You will turn heads - for all the right reasons

They are fun, fresh, and perfect for summer dresses and day outfits.

Limited number of pieces availabe

Exquisite and decadent, these pieces are just gorgeous.  Some rich and opulent, some classy these will suit more than just the exhuberant, the sparkle loving kind of gal.

Thet don't "fight" either for space or for attention.

Great for dinner parties outfits as well as day outfits.

Green & Gold Polymer Clay Large Oval Studs
Green & Gold

Limited number of pieces availabe

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