The Concept

The pandemic certainly gives one a different perspective on the health of our planet and us, human beings.

This beautiful planet we call home, is showing us more and more acutely, the impact of the modern, fast-paced lifestyle human race is currently living.

The incessant use of chemicals for heavy industry and intensive agriculture have inadvertedly created an imbalance in the natural world, destroying entire ecosystems which we are dependant on, but oblivious to.


Seen and unseen, these poisons are affecting our health and threaten the future of our children, and their children.


I decided I need to humble myself in the face of such realisation and do something about it.

Man behind Broken Glass
Change Is In the Mirror
Man standing by the Ocean
It's What I Do

It is impossible to live in a modern world completely changing the way we live. but we can try to start implementing some changes right now.


I am not talking about selling everything you have and go live in the woods type of change, I don't think this is possible, but actively think about little things that can at least injure less this wonderful planet we call home, this planed our offspring will inherit.  

For this reason, in my onw life I make the little changes that I can to be as green as I can. 


As a business, I am embracing a material that would otherwise pollute, and give it life, indefinitely... 


The dreaded plastic.

I use my household plastic to create beautiful practical pieces instead of sending it to landfil (read my blog on recycling stats here). 


I wash it, cut it by hand (I miss my soft skin and lovely polished nails... those were the days... now replaced by brittle nails and blisters, yes I am prepared to pay the price), taking labels off area nightmare, let me tell you.  Then I melt it and work my magic to bring you beautiful pieces.


Those pieces can be returned to me, I re-purpose them, and the cycle of "plastic" continues...  Pieces that cannot be melted are re-purposed in other artwork.

If you relate, join my "plastic revolution" and start your journey in supporting a sustainable, green (well, blue) planet.